09 June 2010

Guns, Rights and Freedoms...

I was having a discussion with someone about Obama's plans for gun control. We were talking about people who are pushing for guns to be governed more strictly. Noooooo, say it ain't so. What do you mean there are hippie liberals who want to trample on my rights as a gun owner?? Nooooo, that can't be right... Yeah ok, try again. The crimes of the many don't infringe on the lives of the corrupt who govern us right??? WRONG!!

US District Judge Joan H. Lefkow's family might still be alive if there had been a gun in the house for her husband to use to defend himself and his mother in law. She was the judge who came home and found her husband and mother shot to death. Do you know how many judges have a gun with them for safety? Many of them do. Why? Because they want to PROTECT themselves in the courtroom against the criminals who can (and have) killed judges while they were in court. Case and point: Brian Nichols, Georgia killing spree, killed Judge Barnes who was presiding over another case while in court. Also, David Paradiso who stabbed a judge on a trial break in California.

If you don't like guns and don't want them around, THEN DON'T BUY ONE BUT STOP TRYING TO FORCE YOUR WILL ON ME SIMPLY BECAUSE YOUR TOO AFRAID, TOO IRRESPONSIBLE OR SIMPLY DON'T LIKE GUNS. I don't like strip clubs, but you don't see me trying to get them all shut down and make them illegal. I JUST DON'T GO TO THEM. If a married man CHOOSES to go then he CHOOSES to deal with the consequences of an angry wife (if she would get upset about that). It's that simple. COMMON SENSE!!! But if a criminal assaults, rapes or robs you, don't cry to me because you didn't have adequate self protection. You better hope he doesn't get hurt while trying to commit a crime against you because our glorious, wonderful, amazing justice system allows him to sue you for damages, regardless of the fact he was in the wrong. You were warned.

GUNS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM, STUPIDITY IS!!! Guns don't kill people, people do. A gun is not going to get up and shoot you. A person would have to load it, cock it and pull the trigger. YOU CHOOSE TO DO IT. YOU CHOOSE TO PULL THE TRIGGER, YOU CHOOSE TO KILL YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE. You made the choice, that's on you. Whatever selfish motives you had just shows how much of an idiot you were in the first place thus deserving whatever you got. Guns can be bought as easily as aspirin. Here's an idea, toughen the sentencing laws for the idiots who do this! Seriously, you think by taking my guns away that criminals will suddenly have a kumbaya moment and starting singing "Sunshine On My Shoulders"... Yes, there are dumb asses who don't protect their weapons, kids get ahold of them and people die. They should be punished for being stupid and irresponsible.

Criminals don't care about how legal or illegal guns are. If they don't use a gun to kill people, they will find other ways such as bombs, planes (9/11 and Joseph Stack, the pilot who flew his plane into an IRS building in Texas), cars, even product and food tampering. Face it, there are just some sick people in the world and no law ever written will be able to stop them. The government needs to wake up. I hope one day you don't find out just how much you could have saved and protected someone dear to you had you been armed and able to defend yourselves. I hope and pray you never have to bury someone because you didn't give them the right to fight fairly for their lives.

There was a time in our history when this type of governing didn't work. The government tried to ban alcohol. In the roaring 20's, prohibition was the ban on alcohol. See how well that worked out. Seems I can freely go and buy alcohol if I CHOOSE to. The government couldn't keep that right away from us long. What makes them think that with everything they have done to lose our belief in them all of these years that we will allow them to take away our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to bear arms?? They just want to control everything right down to the right to protect our very lives. (Hint Wisconsin.. In Wisconsin, if you shoot and kill an intruder who breaks with the intent of killing you or your family, you will be brought up on murder charges for defending your family. They have no self-defense claus. How the hell is that fair?) Lady Justice at her best right there.

I believe that if the government won't protect my rights, then it falls upon me to protect them myself. Our government is a business as long as our rights don't cut into their money making bottom line. The minute they do our freedoms and rights are on the chopping block. Chipping away at our rights and freedoms in the manner our government is doing not only diminishes what this country was built on, but that in turn makes us no better than the dictatorship that we claim to fight against. With our government who is blind to the will of the people, a justice system that can protect the perpetrator more than the victim, and politicians who only care about their bank accounts and privileges, what chance do we have to ensure we won't, in time, turn out to be another Germany or USSR?

How can we claim to be the land of the free when our very "freedom" is being traded away in laws that protect the ones who wish to do us harm. Just a thought...

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  1. For those of you that don't read Storm Reaper SCrolls. You should. She made a post, and it sent me off down a road of ranting and raving. So here it is for you all to enjoy!

    True fucking story!

    More often than not, it's the whining liberals that piss and moan like three year olds till they get their way.

    "Whhaaa! I don't like guns! Ban them!"
    "Whhaaa! I think criminals are mistreated!"

    Whhaaa, whhaaa, whhaaa. Let me call you liberals a Whhaaambulance. I like my guns. I like to shoot things. I love to hunt. I enjoy the knowledge that should it some to the protection of my family, I can sack up, pull a trigger and feel no remorse.

    Here is the deal though. The U.N. is not legally allowed to make laws for the U.S. Yet that is what they are planning to do with their gun laws. (Oh, and the laws governing sex ed for kids. Read that one. If that doesn't piss you off, you are just not an American.) Yet we, as the people of America have all rolled over with our faces in the pillow and asses in the air and said "Please U.N. can i have a reach around this time?"

    Also, the Federal Government is not supposed to be making laws for the States. As much as people like to piss and moan about the Civil War being about slavery, the actual core issue was states rights. Yes, yes. Slavery is wrong and it needed to be abolished. However, Each state has the RIGHT to make their own laws.

    The sad truth of it all is, the Federal Government is playing on our stupidity. We are ignorant of the laws. We are ignorant of the constitution. We are ignorant of how to be Americans. There is no crime greater than the atrocities being committed by these crooked "Government Officials" in the name of our safety.

    Mean while we all just sit at home, IGNORANT of what is coming next. And the ones that do see what is coming are to afraid to speak up. you can all thank your 'boy' Obama for that one. Trying to get a civilian task force answerable only to him to 'watch' other Americans. That was done already. HELLO?! Any body remember Hitler? They have Compared Obama to Lincoln. Man did they miss the fucking mark on that one. They should have compared him to Adolf Hitler with his American version of the SS.

    For to long we have allowed the government that is SUPPOSED to be 'by the people for the people' to walk all over us. I say scrap the whole damn thing and start from scratch.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more... It seems our government has not learned the lessons from the histories of the wars we fought, but maybe took lessons and is now implementing them. This country has fallen so far. The American people as a whole have had dollar signs slapped on their backs and our government is the one cashing in on our worth. We govern and police everyone else while we sell our freedoms and rights away to the highest bidder. Thank you for your insight.