20 July 2013

Jay-Z, Beyonce And Hypocrisy...

Just a quick thought here: So Jay-Z, Beyonce and the rest of the Martin people are attending a protest today chanting "No Vengeance, No Peace"... By doing so and NOT calling for peace, they in turn support the riots and all that they cause. TRAYVON MARTIN IS NOT THE ONLY PERSON KILLED THIS YEAR WHO DESERVES THE SPOTLIGHT!!! Trayvon isn't even the most heartbreaking of dead children. So why do superstars with such power and influence participate in the protests and NOT call for peace? Why don't they stand up like this for all dead kids, black or otherwise, instead of just one whom they have never met? Why can't they show their support for families of all dead children the way they support the Martin's? Racism has an influence. Think about Al Sharpton and the select cases he supports. When was the last time he supported racism against a white person who was a victim to black on white crime? He hasn't and he won't. Racism has inched it's way into every fabric of our lives. How many songs, videos and movies have made millions off the back of racism and it's victims. It's wrong and only furthering the racial divide. As a society, racism has mostly been the blacks support blacks, whites support whites and so on, right down to the "elite". When will these so called "elite" people cross the great divide and support a different race enduring tragedy as they do the Martin's? While Jay-Z and Beyonce showed terrible judgement today, they are not alone. This case of Zimmerman vs. Trayvon has only been the latest in a long list of cases that have been on a national scale under the guise of racism. Musicians, politians, even so called faces of the "Stop The Racism" movement have spoken or acted out all while screaming "End The Hate". But in instances of Sharpton and his misguided attempts at helping, aren't they themselves promoting it? They have no problem taking the money of any fan, regardless of race but you won't see them showing support this way for a dead white kid, a murdered asian baby or a mexican teen. Show this kind of public support EQUALLY for ALL children who have died or stay out of it together. You scream "Equality" but you yourselves aren't as equal in your support as you claim to want in return. Congratulations Jay-Z and Beyonce. You have just lost my support as a fan. Since neither of you can support "PEACE" and "Unity" in these racially charged times, then I can no longer support your music, and I'm not the only one.


  1. Anonymous28/8/13 00:55

    You have no idea what it's like to be black in America.... Don't want racism dead? You have no idea what you're taking about.....But you can't argue with ignorance....

    1. I may not be a black person in America, but friends of mine are. It hurts to see them go through and experience racism. You don't have to be black to want racism dead. That's not ignorance either, that's just maturity.

    2. Anonymous28/8/13 02:20

      J.M GREAT POST!!!!!!!

    3. Thank you. I appreciate that.