19 February 2016

Why Racial Movements Are Hypocritical

Beyonce, Marissa Johnson, Al Sharpton and the whole Black Lives Matter movement - This is for you and everyone else who promotes the racial divide, segregates your own people then whines that you're separated. Why do you do that? Why not promote the beauty of the black people instead of inspiring hate for everyone and damaging the beauty of the black community? NONE OF YOU ARE ROLE MODELS. There is so much beauty you are missing out on. Why can't you support ALL lives? Do you know the first slave owner was black? Do you know that Africans enslaved whites before the US was even a country? Do you know whites were enslaved here as well? White men died fighting to free slaves. White men voted (100% Republican support) to end slavery (Only 23% of Democrats supported abolishing slavery). Yet here we are. Of all of the groups to promote, Beyonce chooses the black version of the KKK - The Black Panthers. Both groups have been about promotion of killing a race: the KKK (Created by Democrats to seek retaliation against Republicans and slaves for voting to abolish slavery) promoted killing blacks and the Black Panthers promote killing whites and cops. Seriously, isn't this the very essence of repeating history and promoting race wars? This fundamentally goes against everything MLK preached about. People claim to want unity, acceptance and peace yet some stand up and act the fool (like those teens who beat a Marine while asking him if Black Lives Matter). Our country "claims" to want racism dead yet blacks, latinos, whites and so on separate themselves into these cliques and groups promoting ONLY their kind then get stupid, whine, moan and complain how they are treated different and separated from the masses. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Get real with yourselves. When was the last time Beyonce' or Al Sharpton stood up for a white girl or a mexican girl or an asian girl? NEVER!!! I am sick of agendas, all agendas. You want an agenda? Why not a "We Are A People" agenda? You don't get to promote one race then complain about racism. We have become a society that promotes separation in all races: to blacks, to whites, to gays, to muslims, to mexicans and so on. When you see a public figure make a statement (as bold as Beyonce did with the Black Panthers) ask yourselves "If a white figure did this, would I be okay with it?" If the answer is no, there is your cue card that on some level it is promoting racism. If a latino public figure did it, would that be any more acceptable? What about a gay public figure? If you're not okay with that statement being made all the way across the board, then it is promoting divided views, racism, hatred and it is wrong - regardless of what race, religion or sexual creed is doing it. The Black Lives Matter movement seems to conveniently forget to discuss black on black crimes. This movement focuses on anti-white, anti-cop racial divides and promoting the black community by acting negative and hateful. What about black crime? Guess what: Cops kill white kids too like in the Michael Bell and Jeremy Mardis cases. Why won't they talk about South Chicago and how black men acting like thugs (drugs, murder, rapes) gets them in trouble? They aren't in trouble because they are black. They are in trouble because they broke the law. Why doesn't the BLM movement strut to South Chicago and scream how black lives matter? Don't the lives of black people killed by other black people matter too? A teen walks around calling women hoes and b*tches, saying he's gonna rob this place, or put the beat down on that person, acting the thug. Then the same teen gets pissed off because he's treated like a thug by police and society. STOP ACTING LIKE IT and you won't get treated like it. Get over yourselves. You can't cry about how your people aren't represented while shutting everyone out EXCEPT your people. You are part of the problem. Until you stop promoting one race above another on EVERY level, it will never go away. Let's face it - racism has been a money maker for many of todays biggest and richest. From movies to music to books. Funny how many of those same people "claim" to want racism dead but who are we kidding? How much money will Beyonce raise for race unity? NOT ONE DOLLAR!!! Has she EVER stood up for a murdered white child at the hands of a black teen like in the case of Sherry West? NOPE. Now if a white artist starts making songs about white pride and white unity there would be a national outcry and that artist would probably never get the Super Bowl stage - guaranteed. Beyonce and some artists like her thrive on modern racism (to a degree) because it gives her the stage to "make a statement" and look the hero but what statement is she really making? Ask yourselves this: If a white woman promoted white lives, white pride, the KKK and made millions off of it, how cool would you be? (Keep in mind, while the KKK acted on their hatred of blacks while targeting and promoting the killing of blacks, so has the Black Panthers in their hatred of whites while targeting and promoting the killing whites, government and cops.) You would be crying foul because money made off of racism is blood money while promoting the racial divide. So why is it ok for a one to do it and not the others? It's not okay, at all, on any level. But it comes down to the money. The all mighty dollar won't let racism die - not until we, as a people and as a whole, make the change for them. Music should be blind to race. But it's not. The hip hop industry was built out of frustration about racism and then makes billions off of promoting the lifestyle of anger, oppression and hate. That has added to, shaped and promoted that which people derive the stereotype from. Would you listen to songs about white pride? Doubt it, at least not without being labelled a racist and having a riot erupt over it. What ever happened to promoting people, black and white helping each other? All races need a role model, one that they can aspire to, learn from and stand with. There are a few black role models like LeCrae, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington and Kirk Franklin that are amazing in their messages. Killer Mike said "If blacks were given all the rights they wanted at the expense of women's rights or gays rights I would say 'Thanks but no thanks' because the rights I want for my people, are the same rights I want for everyone". How deep is that? He doesn't just look out for black people, but all people, true equal rights. He doesn't believe in rights for black if the price is no rights for women, gays or anyone else. AMEN!!! Now we have people like Kendrick Lamar ONCE AGAIN singing about Trayvon Martin but there's no one singing about Dillon Taylor or Zachary Hammond? If you're going to align yourself with #AllLivesMatter then stand for ALL lives, black or white. But if you're ONLY going to support your own color then sit down and be quiet about racism. You are part of the problem. We need to think about what the next generation is learning with our messages. What are we teaching them and is it promoting the hatred of racism? I don't care if you're black, white, latino or any other race - ALL LIVES MATTER!! Promote the beauty and positive history of all races in your public forum instead of the stereotype and wrongs against your kind. Blacks enslaved whites, whites enslaved blacks, black on white killings and vice versa, so on and so on. In Africa, blacks are killing children over diamonds being mined but you don't see anyone promoting that aspect of anger-filled injustice. There is a tragic injustice for all races at some point through-out history. We all have a history and we all choose how we deal with it. How can anyone take you seriously about wanting racial equality when you only promote one race? Are you feeling entitled because history showed a particular race wasn't treated fairly? Sorry but history doesn't treat anyone fairly: Ask the Jews. Their blood soaked past reaches back to before Christ yet they have accepted and are growing, moving on and living life to the fullest. Ask the Native Americans how they feel. They've lost more in this country than anyone ever could. People need to wake up because there have been MANY historical contributions to life in this country from the black community, white community, latino and so on. Just from various communities (black, white, hispanic, etc) there have been amazing additions and influences with movies, music, book, theater and dance that have integrated into our daily lives and NOT in a negative, hate-filled, segregating kind of way. Promote the beauty of race unity for the next generation. This is the same for whites, latinos, natives. People have a responsibility to promote change, promote forgiveness, unity, promote civil peace and acceptance yet they choose to promote racism, race pride, social hatred and so on. It's disgusting. It's not just one race that has been treated unfairly. It seems that if you TRULY want racism dead, then stop promoting it, stop segregating yourselves as a whole with only your people and START taking the first steps to unifying people as one. You wonder why people feel the way they do? Look at what you promote. We are born the same, breathe the same, bleed the same and die the same. We should be unifying ourselves. There are greater evils out there who want to divide and destroy us. How about you stop helping in the separation and start making us, as a people, stronger by unifying as a whole? We are a people, a nation and we should not be polarizing our people like magnets. Someone needs to set the example and be the example. You only perpetuate the hate. Who has the guts to take that first step?
If this picture isn't allowed for ALL races then this is EXACTLY what promotes racial tensions. IT IS WRONG!!!
Just a piece of history that many people refuse to admit or talk about. KNOW YOUR HISTORY BEFORE YOU CRY ABOUT IT.

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  1. Anonymous24/2/16 21:17

    I completely agree. 1st thing...WE DON'T NEED MORE WOMENS RIGHTS! FUCK! When a couple get divorced...women get the house,car, children, and half the money...a man goes to sleep with a woman and the woman agrees to consensual sex...however, in the morning the woman says if you don't do exactly as she says, she will claim rape. The man was with her and had sex with her......that's all the proof they need. 2nd that picture is racist to white people because if I wanted to be in the picture with them I bet they'd say I couldn't because I was white...racist...do you people understand now? That sign should say something like "Unity" and have different races in the group. 3NO MORE WOMENS RIGHTS! CUT THE SHIT!. ...was will a woman who once said she'd call the cops on me for rape and abuse if I left her. She would hurt herself as proof so I had to stay with her till she wanted to break up.