07 March 2016

Open Letter To The GOP

I recently sent out a tweet to the GOP. Here's the tweet: "@GOP You work for us. We want @realDonaldTrump. Listen to us not lobbyists. We will ‪#‎TakeBackOurParty‬ You cant afford to lose us."‬ A little more about this tweet: Trump has started a movement. Record voters have come out. There is a rumbling that finally has a voice that Washington can hear and Washington is scared. Here's the point, if you dont start listening to the people instead of the lobbyists, you will lose us. We want a Republican party we can be proud of, not one you force down our throats that we have to pay for while your pocket buddies get rich. Have you noticed what having a terrible Democrat in office has done to this country? He sold us out and apologized to our enemies, he has BETRAYED the Constitution, not held it up and defended it. He went into Libya without Congressional approval. He incited racial tensions to a whole new level. He has created dangerous tensions for our cops, bankrupted this country even further while letting our military die under Clinton's watch in Benghazi AND SHE LIED ABOUT IT. He supports a treasonous Sec. of State who has blood on her hands while she rakes in the millions. Lets not forget how Obamacare has ruined jobs, families and this economy. He has sanctioned immigration with no regard for the families killed by criminals crossing our borders. He has armed our enemies (Fast & Furious fiasco), sides with Iran - aiding and paying them only to make it easier for them to turn on us. He freed terrorists (against advice and without Congressional approval) then acts shocked when they join terror cells and come for us AGAIN. Speaking of terrorism, the most sickening betrayal Obama has done is with regards to terrorism. He is such a coward. He panders to ISIS when they attack Americans in the work place and REFUSES to call it what it is - TERRORISM. That's what a Democrat has done. Do you really want to fracture the party more because that will just hand the White House to Hillary - Obama's puppet and third term. Why do you think Trump has such a following? Why do you think so many people resonate with his message? It's because he sees what YOU have done to us. You don't know what it's like living paycheck to paycheck. You have forgotten (if you ever even knew at all) what its like to choose between food and electricity. You are career backstabbers and political liars who don't give a damn about the people you work for, the people who elected you. YOU WORK FOR US and you treat us as if we owe you. What do we OWE you? NOTHING!! You OWE us. You owe us a decent chance at a decent life, abilities to take care of our families without worrying what it will cost us. You kiss your kids and spend holidays with them worry free. We are lucky to have the money to have holidays. You've made careers and millions off of us and you wonder why so many people (before Trump) didn't really vote. Trump - He's the reason we are coming out and the reason we are voting. He is our change. He is our hope. He is the face of the New Republican Party - the one who believes in making the GOP great again. Making the party one that cares for the GOP instead of hating you daily. Trump has survived the haters, the media, the protesters, the PACs, the attack ads and YOU. You think we came out in record droves for you? Don't flatter yourself. You've given us NOTHING and NO REASON to trust you. Trump did that and you want to ruin the ONE CHANCE to remake this party into something this country can believe in?? That's a slap in the face to all of us who voted for you. You would risk losing ALL of us for the crookedness and disrespect you've been feeding us for years?? Why should we stay? So how about this: Give us a reason to stay. Trump will not only get our jobs back, but give us our medical, our freedom, our families and our faith. He is a proven stimulator of the economy, a man who can reach across the isle and bring BOTH parties together to make deals and get things changed, back on track. A happy Republican Party that believes in our President (Trump) and stand behind the GOP (instead of against you) is much better than the one you have now. Give us our voice back and listen to us. Your lobbyists dont care about us. We thought you did but we are seeing you don't. You are in collusion with the lobbyists and donors AGAINST what the American people want. We won't forget. You can be removed from office and we will remember this when elections come around. We will be heard. Like it has been stated - Be lucky we are screaming with ballots because last time we stood up to a this kind of establishment, we did so with bullets. We are being very loud and clear about this: WE WANT TRUMP AS THE NOMINEE. Stop trying to send us Rubio with his inside connivance between Romney, Bush and himself. He is NOT our choice. While Cruz has some support, he is the poster child of a typical politician being groomed. Don't let history repeat itself. Don't let history show us YET AGAIN that our votes don't matter. Let history show that for once, you listened to us, The People. Let us finally be able to say we were heard and the New Republican Party is a force to be reckoned with. A force that Hillary AND Bernie won't and can't defeat.


  1. That's a powerful letter. I can easily say yes, I agree wholeheartedly with everything written in it. TRUMP 2016

  2. Thank you for the support. Feel free to share it, get it out there. The more people that see this, the louder our voice truly is.