12 November 2016

YOU created US: A Letter To Democrats

YOU created US: A Letter From "The Silent Majority" Dear Democrats, "How did this happen"? You must be in shock. Who is this "silent majority" and where did they come from? Well, we came from you. "Who's to blame for this historic upset"? Well, you are but typical and true to form, you're looking for someone else to blame. You need not look further than your very own mirror. YOU created US. "No we didn't, that's not possible". Oh but it is and here's how: YOU created US when you tampered with our freedom of speech and inserted this PC "watch what you say and how you say it" culture. Words don't kill people, actions do. It's ok to be offended by words but it's not ok to go through life and not know what to do when those words offend you. You've given birth to a culture that doesn't know how to handle emotions because you've stripped society of learning how to deal with hurt feelings and defeat. YOU created US when you attacked our 2nd Amendment rights with every shooting instead of attacking the shooter. (Because we all know how Chicago thugs listen to laws, right?) We need to be able to defend ourselves. If people don't like or don't want a gun, that's their choice. But those of us who do are securing our chance of survival when criminals who can't have guns use them to harm us. (Response time for self defense with a gun beats the response time of calling police and waiting.) YOU created US when you attacked our Christian beliefs. (Forcing us to agree to pay for birth control or bake cakes for gays if our faith dictates it's wrong. Yet gay bakers can deny straight couples? Hypocrites) YOU created US when you label us racists. (Wasn't it your party, The Democrats, who didn't want to give black people freedom or the right to vote? 1868, 14th Amendment granting slaves civil liberties: 100% Republican votes, 0% Democrats voted. Wasn't it you, the Democrats, who created the KKK? But we're the racists. Right. Got it.) YOU created US when you rushed through a federally mandated health insurance then forced us to buy it or pay a fine. We didn't get a say, we didn't get bail outs when we were bankrupt by astronomical premiums and we didn't get to keep what was promised to us. We got lies and empty pockets. (I bet those banks and auto markets enjoyed the bail outs you paid them when you could've used that money to help the uninsured). YOU created US when you started putting illegals and refugees before us. This is OUR country. We aren't against immigration, just illegals and unvetted refugees. (Remember 9/11, San Bernardino, etc?) If these refugees are so innocent and harmless, why don't you sponsor a family to live in your neighborhood, right next door to you? No? Why not? That's what you're doing to us and we have no say about it. If we have to live with them SO DO YOU, next door playing with your kids, shopping at your mall, eating at your restaurants. If you don't feel good about that, why should we? (We all know you don't care about them or us because they are just more votes for you guys.) YOU created US when you decided that immigrants get businesses, welfare and a tax free life handed to them simply for being here while we get taxed to death, lose our jobs and can't feed our families. YOU created US when you put illegals in front of our vets. They get benefits and healthcare while our vets die waiting for a doctor. (Thank God the VA scandal was brought to light.) YOU created US when you give illegals and refugees the same rights that American citizens have. (THEY DONT BELONG HERE UNLESS IT'S LEGAL. NO RIGHTS TO ILLEGALS OR REFUGEES UNLESS THEY ARE CITIZENS - LEGALLY). YOU created US when you sent our jobs overseas to fund other countries who do NOTHING to help us. (Just a hint: you'd get more tax revenue coming in IF THERE WERE JOBS HERE TO WORK.) YOU created US by giving away the sanctity of our flag. You didn't die for that flag. You weren't the ones holding it up at Fort McHenry signaling that we were still fighting the British, still alive and not giving up. We won that war and now our flag is a beacon of freedom and hope. YOU let people burn it like it's garbage. No respect. YOU created US when you decided that children didn't need to be disciplined anymore. Have you seen these unruly, temper tantrums and how they turn out? Whiny, rioting, crying (because there's no trophy), lazy entitled "gimme gimme" generation who's supposed to be our future leaders. Without discipline, there's no hard work, self worth, appreciation or respect. Congratulations. You succeeded in turning our strong, fearless, self respecting, hard-working futures into whiny, need a safe space, "I can't deal with life because my over grown feelings got hurt" crybabies. YOU created US when you attacked our lives and how we live them. For a party who preaches tolerance with the live and let live mantra, you did a bang up job of criticizing and belittling anyone who's different from you. YOU created US when your hypocrisy and greed became more important than this country as a whole. YOU created US when you thought we weren't important because we didn't agree with your progressive ideology. Again, for a group who preaches tolerance, that's a slap in the face. You want us to accept you as you are but you'll only accept us if we conform? Got it. But mostly, YOU created US when you became national bullies: rioting, beating innocent victims, destruction of property, looting, anarchy and burning down our cities at the behest of foreign donors PAYING people to destroy what you claim to love simply because you didn't get your way. You had your chance for 8 years and it hasn't worked. We don't see you cleaning up the mess. We don't see you denouncing the violence. If it was us, you'd raise holy hell but since it's you're side doing it, it's ok. There's that hypocrisy again. Well, we've had enough. Now it's our turn. So when you think about how this happened and who was this "silent majority"? Look no further than you're own reflection. We are the consequence of your actions. YOU created US. If you don't like the fact that we voted Trump into office then maybe you shouldn't have ignored the rest of us like we didn't matter. If our taxes matter then so do our votes. You just got TRUMPED: Time to deal with it.

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