07 June 2010

Differences, People And Life's Lessons...

What attracts us to the people in our lives? Is it the way they look, the possessions they have, the clothes they wear, their faith, their beliefs, the movies they watch, the jokes they crack, their sarcasm, their compassion?? Why do we want the people in our lives to be there? Would our lives be different, drastically altered or stay the same if one, some or all of them were gone??

I have thought about this for sometime. I thought I had people in my life because of like minded ideals, beliefs and outlooks. But that didn't explain the people in my life who believed different than me, or had different outlooks or faith, opinions or principles. So I thought about it again. Then something dawned on me....

Would I want the same people in my life now that I knew years ago? The cool people back then have a different life than I do. Maybe they aren't so cool now. Maybe the not-so-cool people back then would be amazing now. Truth is, there are A LOT of people back then that are not in my life now. The people in my life now are here because i want them to be and vice versa. People change. It doesn't matter if they do the changing or I do. Thing is, once those changes are made, circumstances change, then outlooks and feelings and before you know it, your old self is but an empty shell.

I know if I had met the teen me now, I would not want that person in my life. That is how much I have changed over the years. One of the true rarities in life is finding someone who knew you then, stood by you through the changes, and still wants you now.. May even want you later when you change some more. The thing that I do know that sets people apart is the lack of knowledge, the unwillingness to try, the forgotten gift of forgiveness and the healing of laughter and love. I know I don't always get it right, I make plenty of mistakes and I am still learning. One thing I do know is people from my past and people currently in my life have taught me more than any ivy league education could ever imagine teaching me.

I can't explain why each and every person is in my life. I know some are here for a short time until one of us changes something. Others will be here for a longer time and even fewer will be around for the long haul. Some people are just meant to only be in your life for a season, some only for a year, some only for bit longer of a time period and a select few for a lifetime. I have lost some amazing people over the years. Some of it is my doing, some of it was theirs, some of it was out of anyones control and they sit with God now. But I take from each person a precious memory, and leave a piece of my heart with them. I am a firm believer that everyone leaves a mark. I can't say everyone's mark on me is something I will treasure, but I can say every mark left has a lesson attached to it. Now whether the person who left that mark or not is a good person, that is debatable. Point is, a mark was left and it is up to me to decide how to remember that person.

For the ones who have left, served their purpose, and have moved on, I thank you for contributing to my life, for leaving your mark. For those that are in my life now, I appreciate every moment we share. Whether it be a short time longer before we part ways or we stick through the nonsense, know that as I get older, I appreciate knowing you and hope it doesn't end soon. I pray some of the people I know now are in this for the long haul, however long God allows my life to be. I am praying it is a very long time to go, but if your in my life for the long haul, strap yourself in, take a deep breath and know this will be quite an adventure.

I know I have not made the best of every single opportunity to help, care or understand someone who has come into my life, regardless of circumstances. There are certain people I would love to get to know, but because of missed opportunities, that will never happen. Both sides are missing out on something that could be amazing or they are blessed because they averted a complete disaster. Either way, I will never know and that is a sorrowful reality.

Don't miss out on the chances you have to make a difference or leave a mark on someone's life. No one is promised tomorrow. Would you really want to miss out on something amazing because of differences you think you have with someone? It is ok to have a different view, have a different feeling, be a different person. It is ok to change and grow. But if someone in your life matters to you now, then do it with them instead of fighting to make them see your side, or fighting with them to be left alone. There is no sense in trying to change someone else to be like you when in time you won't even be the same as you are now.

I have rambled enough but I look forward to knowing more, growing more, loving and laughing because God knows when my time is up and I don't want to waste time arguing or pointing out differences when they should be celebrated. As someone I care about recently found out, tomorrow's don't always come so enjoy today with the people in your life while you can. Make a difference instead of always trying to change one.

Until Next Time....

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