30 December 2013

God, Politics and the U.S.A.

I was recently asked, "Why don't you advocate for God the way you advocate for politics?"... My answer is: I do.. just not in a screaming in your face way. Here is what I mean. This country was founded on the Christian principles found in the Bible and the ability to practice that faith, or any faith, without government interference. Blood was shed for those beliefs and a nation was born. Now fast forward a few years. Not everyone believes in God. Not everyone believes in much of anything anymore but the biggest movement I have noticed is by the atheists to remove any resemblence of God from the public forum. Karl Marx said "My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism." In his efforts, he has laid out the work for the fall of this country. Over the years, we have seen so much of our moral fiber and societal views degrade into an acceptable way of life. But why??? Why is it acceptable to leave God out of our lives? Why is it acceptable to take for granted all that this country was founded on and built upon? Why is it acceptable to not question our leaders, our government, when they have sold us out, betrayed us and are stripping us of our God given rights as human beings??? WHY IS THAT ACCEPTABLE??? Answer is: It's not. As a Christian, I have fallen, far, from God. I have at times even forgot what it was like to be in His grace. But looking back, I also see that the more I pulled away, the more I pushed Him out of my life, the more my life became like the state of this country: In ruins, depsair, full of hopelessness and pain. A very tramatic incident in my life showed me that I had fallen so far and had my faith in such a wrong place that I was driving the wedge between God and myself. God gave me the clarity to see that my faith needed to be on Him and Him alone. Nothing man could make, teach, sell or buy could ever shake my faith. Man can try but man will fail. Then I started looking at our government. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I'm not referring to our government when I say that. I'm referring to you, me... We The People. We have been force fed so many lies, pushed into so many acceptabilities, in the dark for so long that we haven't even seen the damage we have done. We allow for so many people to feed us, nurture us, save us and guide us that we haven't seen the wolf in sheep's clothing. We have allowed our schools to take God out of there because some leftist has an agenda. We have allowed the Ten Commandments to be an afterthought in polite society. We have been conditioned to watch this country fall apart and push God aside yet we complain because of the state we are in. We put ourselves here. We elected officials who put God on the back burner or use God as a campainge slogan without really knowing if they believe not only in us as a people or in this country, but in God himself. But stop for one second. Take a look around. This country couldn't be further from what it was originally based on: God and freedom. We as a society accept so much yet never question it. But in doing so, we, as a society, have also never been further from God. God should be in all of the schools, business, restaurants, amusement parks, military, colleges, government... yet, He's not. Before we know it, this country, especially under current administration, will fall. Not just further away from God, but right into the hands of our enemies. Our military is smaller, our debt is skyrocketing, our morals are loose. Do you think for one second, once America finally hits rock bottom, our enemies won't use that as the perfect time to make their move? What other country has what it takes to fight China or Russia if it came down to it? Answer: NONE!!! If America falls, so will the rest of the free world. Fast forward to current times. As a whole, this country is full of sin. Marriages don't last, children are resentful one parent is missing or abandone them, jobs are scarce, children go to bed hungry or fearful of what the next day brings, parents are fearful of where their next check is coming from, stress tears friendships and families apart. That is exactly what is needed to undermine the foundations of what this country once stood for. God has shown us time and time again that a weak foundation falters everytime. Think back to the earlier times when families were strong, when the economy was booming, when life wasn't so threatened. When WW2 happened, the US was looked at for support and help. People were flocking to this country because of what we stood for: Families, Jobs, good Christian values... The American Dream. Now look at us. We are a joke. China looks at us and calls our leader a traitor. We have massive drugs problems, parents killing their kids, porn gone rampant, divorces are the new quickie and marriages have turned into a business while God, morals, principles and truth have fallen into the thing of the past. Why do I pull politics and God together? For this reason: God is the only one who can save us. Not only our country from our enemies, but also oursleves. I love living here and I am blessed with what God has given me, both in family and friends and in life. I look around and see His touch everywhere. Beauty both in land and people. I am blessed to live in America but America is being threatened on a daily basis and we, as a people, aren't doing anything about it. I have seen on facebook a picture going around that says "student: God, why did you let that bad man into our school? God: I'm not allowed in school, remember?" How sad that is. I remember as a kid saying the pledge of alligience in school, I remember talking about God in school. I remember seeing the Ten Commanments in courthouses. I remeber doing Christmas plays about Jesus's birth. I remember seeing Nativity scenes in town. I remember seeing Merry Christmas everywhere. I remember Christmas caroling with songs about Christ. Now I look around and don't see much of that anymore. Non-believers have stitched themselves into the fabric of this country and are doing a bang up job of pushing God out of the way. We The People need to take back our country, take back our right to see God anywhere we want. We the people need to get back the morals, conviction and faith in God. God gave us a voice, a life, a choice. What have we chosen? We have chosen to elect officials who don't believe in Him. We have chosen to let our families fall apart. We have chosen to accept the change without question or accountability. We have chosen to let God be pushed aside in our public and political forums without responsibility. God said "Whom much is given, much is required" (Luke 12:48). God has given us so much and this is how we repay Him? We have to answer for those choices. I have to answer for my choices. For sins I am aware of, and for sins I don't know I've committed. I have lots to answer for. God doesn't want this for us. God doesn't want us to be jealous of our neighbors. He doesn't want us to be full of hate. He doesn't want us to be morally empty and sinfully full. He wants us to call out to Him, depend on Him, pray to Him and let Him take over. He gives us a family yet we don't put Him in the middle so our families fall apart. Society says it's ok so we get divorced. He gives us blessed angels as children. Yet we don't teach them all of the things He wants us to teach them. They turn from God because society says it's ok. He gives us friends and family, yet without Him in the picture, we fight and argue, build resentments and hatred. It all falls apart. Society says get new ones and forget about them. GOD DIDN"T WANT THAT!!! Here's the thing: WE THE PEOPLE are society. WE didctate what's allowed in this country and what isn't. WE decide what we will put up with and what we won't. But here is the grace God gives us: It's not too late. We can be saved in every way that matters. We need to turn to God for the strength, for the opportunity, for the forgiveness. What do you want to see America become? It's up to you and I. WE DECIDE... Bringing God back into this country, back into the forefront of our lives, as this country was intended, is our only hope. Not only for our salvation eternally, but our salvation of families, faith, morals and principles. We can do this... as a society, a people, a God believing nation. Will you stand up for God and be the real change this country needs?

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